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Livelihood Project Brings Warmth and Bright
People’s Daily focuses on O & M Power’s Dushanbe Project in Tajikistan
Release time : 2018-05-04 14:10:21

On April 30th, 2018, Walking along One Belt One Road column group of People's Daily, with the title of Livelihood Project Project Brings Warmth and Bright', reported an field interview with the capital Dushanbe No.2 Thermal Power Plant which is the largest thermal power plant of Central Asian country Tajikistan and is operated and maintained by O & M Power.

O & M Power began to be responsible for the training for the Tajik staff of the power plant, the preparation of manuals, four units commissioning, trail operation and commercial operation after completion and production of the power plant since 2013. Up to now, more than 200 technicians from O & M Power have worked diligently on the site to provide efficient and high-quality electric power and heating supply for the Tajik people. In the program, when it came to the capital Dushanbe No.2 Thermal Power Plant in the suburb of Tajikistan, Dushanbe residents all gave their thumbs up, because it is a Star Project and Livelihood Project that brings warmth and bright. The cold and long winter here indicates the significance of Chinese Technology and Chinese Efficiency.

Warmth and bright carries President Xi Jinping's sincere entrustment. In September 2014, President Xi Jinping and Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon jointly attended the first stage completion ceremony and the second stage commencement ceremony of Dushanbe No. 2 Thermal Power Plant and delivered a speech. President Xi Jinping encouraged that the builders of both countries should make persistent efforts and continue to do well in the construction of the second project so as to provide more warmth and bright for the local people. Today, the second stage of the thermal power plant has been completed in advance and put into operation ahead of schedule, and has become a landmark project to draw close ties between the Chinese and the Tajik.

"We finally say goodbye to the history of electricity limits" said Murod Yusupov, the power plant general manager of the Tajik side, who participated in the whole project construction. When talking about this thermal power plant which changed the history of the Tajik thermal power plant, he could not help feeling considerably excited and said: "I am on the spot when President Emomali Rakhmon and President Xi Jinping visited our thermal power plant, totally understand their care and attention. Through our efforts, nationwide electricity limits in winter is finally canceled in Tajikistan. Not only that, our power energy was also exported for the first time last year, creating foreign exchange for the country. I am very proud of these achievements and the bright future of our plant. Thank the Chinese friends fighting with us."  

"The Chinese technicians create surprise". The project operation and production is not always smooth. On-site project manager from O & M Power shared an emergency repair experience in January last year. In the midwinter, the equipment was operating at full load, while the grinding roller of coal miller had faults and it must be shut down for inspection. After inspecting by the Tajik owner, they said that the corresponding components were worn due to excessive fuel coal impurities, and it is impossible to repair. They had to purchase these matching components temporarily. But the process of purchasing, installation, commission will take about one month. "Never let Dushanbe residents return to the era of no heating", the on-site project department of O & M Power immediately organized an emergency crew and rushed to the scene, seven experienced experts were the last hope. "It just takes 48 hours to repair" Mr. Liu Shoutong still remembers clearly that Shoimizoda, the Tajik Deputy Minister of Energy Department, thumbed up when he learned that the equipment can normally operate again, and excitedly said " the Chinese technicians create surprise and demonstrate their perseverance of craftsman spirit!"

We deeply realize that the Tajik staff is the core force to ensure the stable operation of equipment for a long time in the future. Therefore, it is our O & M Power's duty to train technicians of large-scale thermal power plant for Tajikistan. To ensure that the Tajik staff meet the requirements of power generation posts early, and have the abilities to operate on-site production system and equipment skillfully and work independently, our technicians and the Tajik staff form master-prentice mode for one-to-one professional training on the site. In the training, Chinese masters adhere to high standards, strict requirements, teach by precept and example, pay attention to basic knowledge, and carefully impart the "Chinese power craftsman" good work style and safety production experience to the Tajik staff without reservations, and have trained a group of staff with strong initiative in learning and high enthusiasm in working.      

Nieuzov is an operator in the main control room. Although he is very young, he is calm and composed when facing complex control program in front of the console. He told the reporter that it was the Chinese master who taught him to understand various indicators and line diagrams and to master the equipment operating methods. "  My master has received a lot of apprentices in the power plant, and I am the first one to finish the apprenticeship!"

The master-prentice mode helps those foreign operators who have a better basic knowledge and strong perceptive abilities stand out quickly, including Sutorov. As a technical expert, he has been sent to China three times for study, and now he has become a professional engineer. "Every time we go to China, there is a new harvest. Now, I have more confidence in building our own power plant better. "

A display board shows the weekly training plan and regular assessment score in the front of the main control room. Abdulla Garbo , one Tajik employee, won first place in April electrical assessment with the score of 95. It is reported that the employees like Abdulla Garbo not only can receive material rewards, but also become priority candidates for further study in China.

For more than three years, we have completed professional skills training for more than 300 Tajik workers in more than 20 posts, including steam turbine, boiler, electrical, chemical, instrumentation and control, auxiliary equipment and so on, thus it reserves qualified power talents for the future normal operation and maintenance of the thermal power plant.

General Manager Service Department

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